Did you know that the Belgian customer is one of the most suspicious customers in the world? If you want to convince them, you'll need a different approach. Don't just copy paste your strategy from your own country to Belgium, but adapt your strategy to your new Belgian audience!

As Belgians, we share our knowledge of the Belgian market through tailor-made services.
How can we help you?

  • Workshops
    After a workshop of approximately 4 hours you've got all the basic information about the Belgian market to get started yourself!
  • Online marketing audits
    We check your existing online communication and give you tips & tricks about the Belgian market!
  • Monthly advice and/or implementation
    For a period as desired, we are your go-to-point for translations, advice and/or implementation of your Belgian online communication!
  • Your own Belgian team
    Our team carries out your Belgian online communication! You entirely choose what domains you leave to us!

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