Payments for recurring customers and subscriptions, Digital eMandates, Direct Debits and Direct Debit Management.

Twikey has a European solution and is market leader in the Benelux.

We believe that the payment process for recurring customers and subscriptions can be better, cheaper and more customer-friendly. Twikey makes it possible to collect payments automatically from your customer through direct debits.

Your customers can easily take out a subscription or place an order and the payment will be debited from their account afterwards.

Companies that operate this way, can significantly improve their sales and retention rate as customers tend to buy more easily and remain more loyal.

The Twikey solution works completely Omnichannel. You choose the most optimal method for each channel and can easily integrate it into your web shop, app, call center or POS.

Visit our booth for appealing examples of customers and to discover how to drastically reduce your payment costs.