Tweakwise & Optimizers Group

Tweakwise & Optimizers Group

The Optimizers Group consists of companies specialized in software for optimizing your entire order-to-delivery process. Tweakwise and App4Sales, among others, are part of the Optimizers Group.

Tweakwise: personalized site search, merchandising and recommendations software for every platform

Our Software as a Service solutions give you full control over site search, sorting & filtering and upsell & cross-sell. Offer your visitors a personalized shopping experience on every platform. Use Tweakwise and increase your relevance, customer satisfaction and above all: increase your conversion by +15%!
Tweakwise can be implemented quickly thanks to the standard plugin for webshop platforms.

App4Sales: B2B sales platform

Increase your sales turnover with our App4Sales platform. Digitize your order process with the App4Sales app for your sales team and let B2B customers place orders themselves with Portal4Sales or App4Customers.

Would you like to know more about our solutions? Visit our stand at booth number 181!