We are TradeTracker, one of the largest International Affiliate networks and the connection between advertisers and publishers. With offices in more than 20 countries, we are strongly positioned internationally. We offer specialized service, transparency and the best software to increase the brand awareness and revenue of your webshop. Our account managers are each specialized in the Shopping, Travel, Services, Telecom and Finance sectors. Because of this industry-specific division, we employ experts who, with their knowledge and experience, provide each advertiser with the best support in performance marketing.


Since 2017 we have raised the revenue of our customers to a 'next level' by offering Real Attribution, rewarding every publisher in the conversion path. Due to Real Attribution, 'last-cookie counts' no longer applies as standard. With this setup our advertisers generate more branding, traffic, conversions and turnover.

The advantages of working with TradeTracker:

- Real Attribution ensures more revenue;

- Working with specialized and dedicated account managers;

- Reach more customers with your campaigns;

- User-friendly software;

- Motivated Publisher network;

- Huge boost in your performance marketing.