Splexs B.V.


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Splexs B.V.

Split Export System (SPLEXS) is a powerful business platform designed to facilitate and service the needs of small, medium-sized and large business organizations in international trade. It is a robust system that allows small businesses to import directly from manufacturers across Europe in a seamless fashion, thereby helping manufacturers to increase their exports and hence boost sales revenues. 

The team at SPLEXS is managed by a group of experts who have spent many years in marketing, management and global trade. The synergy they have been able to produce has not only amplified the revenue generation stream for many businesses, but has also completely changed the face of international trade. With a strong focus on the fashion and textile niche, the company is playing a dominant role in the European and global online markets. One of the hallmarks of SPLEXS is that it provides an easy entry point for MSMEs. 

The beauty of this platform is that any deal can be started and closed without any complexity. It operates as a transparent, easy-to-understand and smooth system. SPLEXS is poised to be the first Global eCorporation that serves as a backbone for various businesses across the globe. 

It can act as a virtual partner for businesses that want to increase their reach. It is important to reiterate that companies can navigate the tides of international trade without ambiguity.