ScreenSupply present shop furniture, kiosk and digital signage with focus on the user experience!

ScreenSupply present shop furniture, kiosk and digital signage with focus on the user experience!

Are you looking for self-service kiosk and digital signage screen solutions during your visit to the web shop trade days 2018? Visit the ScreenSupply at stand no. 263. ScreenSupply supplies standard or customized digital furniture for shops, public environments and offices. We provide screenSupply with passionate furniture with its own kiosk and digital signage solutions, which are easy to operate from the cloud and are compatible with your essential organizational processes.

We have standard and custom solutions available that work intuitively and are very user-friendly: that is our mission. Digital services using screen technology can no longer be ignored from our contemporary society. Thanks to our cloud computing solutions, our worldwide service is reliable, fast and secure. Intersport, Zijerveld, Flexizone, Bronx, Omoda, DAKA, Quantore, Tica, Trends & Trade and more customers benefit from our services.

Pimp your ScreenSupply furniture in your house style!

ScreenSupply furniture can be supplied in all house styles as standard from the factory. ScreenSupply supplies portable display and touch screen furniture for retailers on which the customer can operate. We provide all-in-one screen solutions for external content implementation and device management such as pin terminals, bon printers, barcode scanner. Whether you want to push new content to a device or simply change the brightness of the screen, our kiosk platform ensures quality and you stay online in control of your information, service and purchase application within an independent browser.

Digitization is developing at lightning speed; the consumer is connected 24/7 and has online access to all needed service information. For our clients, this means a continuous search to get the right information to the consumer at the right time and in the right way. Increasing competition and changing consumer behavior require more and more distinctive capacity from our customers.

We distinguish ourselves from traditional hardware suppliers by focusing very specifically on the customer journey with service from the cloud. In doing so, we look very carefully with our clients for those moments in which we can catch, influence and guide the customer. Together with our clients we work out a complete business case, based on the desired objectives, desired results and learning moments from a possible pilot. In this way we guarantee your investment and we ensure that the use of the resources yields maximum results. All our solutions mean that you can approach your customer much more focused, resulting in a higher ROI.

With high-end hardware, intelligent software solutions and always relevant content, we help you:

  • Increase sales and sales volume
  • To influence the customer journey
  • Focused on steering the purchase behavior
  • To be sent on conversion
  • Create loyalty and commitment
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Create or maximize customer loyalty
  • Activate the customer
  • To create an experience with a message that lingers
  • To save on production costs, distribution and placement of POS materials

With our Kiosk Cloud Desk and Digital Signage platform you distribute your current content from one system to all your stores. This way you manage all screens and content from the cloud, wherever and whenever you want! We can design the CMS to be fully tailored to your wishes and needs. The CMS has been fully developed on the basis of the needs of our customers. A natural interface, built on ease of use, in which we have processed all indispensable functions. It is even possible to easily apply APIs.

Good to know: in implementation there is always a CMS training for you and your team. That way we make it as easy as possible! We provide standard solutions but can also advise, design, develop, build and install the ScreenSupply furniture on location anywhere in the world. You can also come to us for cloud services, maintenance and service on location.

With our services we guarantee 100% quality and guarantee. Including hardware standard or customized with software integration of the desired applications.