Scoupz the no-nonsense comparison site in the Netherlands. Gain insight into the market as a webshop by using Insights. Insights includes Dynamic pricing data, market position and price history. Use all tools to boost your sales!

Internet consumers come to Scoupz to orient themselves there. They look around or they enter a targeted search and actively compare. They want the best price, the best service and insurrance. With one click they choose within Scoupz for the product that suits them best.

Webshops use Scoupz to gain more insight into the market. They compare their product offer against that of the market and based on Insights base the best price for the consumer. Dynamic pricing and market position are useful tools for making market-based decisions.

Vendors use Scoupz to gain insight into the retailers market. For example, they see with the price history tool what the price trend has been in time.

Scoupz, also a Premium partner of the Google CSS program, offers you the possibility to have shopping campaigns put together based on market position, margin, price and stock. The most ideal Google Shopping campaign that you can think of is made by Scoupz.

Welcome to Scoupz, your store is quickly arranged, directly or through one of our many partners