Retail Rocket Netherlands B.V.

Retail Rocket Netherlands B.V.

Every unique visitor has unique interests. Defining this interest and need as soon as possible, ables a webshop to show the right product at the right time to the right person. This increases the relevance of a visit, which automatically leads to an increase in conversion, revenue and AOV.

Retail Rocket is a Webshop Personalization Expert. With solutions like personalized product recommendations, dynamic bannering, trigger e-mail and newsletters, they are able to personalize the entire user experience. E-commerce is changing continuously and Retail Rocket helps its partners to keep up with these worldwide developments, by A/B Testing & Growth Hacking. 

Over 1.500 partners worldwide use personalization to improve revenue, conversion and retention. Adding these improvements to your shop, would make it possible to increase your conversion with 10 to even 50%!

Webwinkel Vakdagen Summer edition

7 & 8 juli 2021 Jaarbeurs Utrecht

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