Website Personalization

Our platform offers a set of self-learning algorithms for your webshop that allows you to create a real personal shopping experience. Based on A / B testing at our customers, you can expect up to 50% turnover growth!

Trigger-based Emails

Trigger emails are generated in real-time based on the behavior of each visitor on your website. Each trigger is generated in only a few minutes without further action.

Smart Opt-In Form

Our behavior-based popups are useful for both the visitor and webshop owner, they convert up to 10% of your visitors to subscribers, while the visitor experiences this as a remarkable personal service.

Email Personalization

Based on the behavior on the website, Retail Rocket can send real-time personalized emails to your customers. In addition, in order to make your newsletters even more relevant, we can provide you with segmented data for your email marketing platform.