QIOX supplies standard or custom digital furniture for shops, public environments and offices

We deliver with passion QIOX furniture with kiosk and digital signage solutions, which are easy to operate from the cloud and connect to your essential organizational processes. We have standard and custom solutions available that work intuitively and are very user-friendly: that is our mission.

Digital services using screen technology can no longer be ignored from our contemporary society. Thanks to our cloud computing solutions, our worldwide service is reliable, fast and secure.

QIOX wants you to be good for the day. That is why our products are designed by our own designers and manufactured with great care in our factory. When designing the products we take into account your wishes so that the products fully meet your requirements. Our proven solutions come into their own in public or public spaces and will not miss your visitor or customer. QIOX engineers specialize in custom design solutions.

Together with you or your architect, we discuss the possibilities and visualize the product in accordance with your wishes and requirements. In this way we are always able to present a suitable proposal. After agreement, we manufacture the production drawings, which are offered to you for approval. Thanks to our years of experience, we can provide you with targeted advice

Intersport, Flexizone, Van den Assem mode, Van Dijk mode waalwijk, Bronx, Omoda, DAKA, Quantore and more customers benefit from our services.