Criteria for presentations with theme:

The presentation must meet the following conditions:

  • The presentation should meet the theme. It should use a success story, an example from your own experience or a customer case. In principle your customer should give the talk himself (possibly in a duo-presentation with you as supplier).
  • The presentation should be informative. In other words, it must not be a sales pitch (commercial).
  • The presentation should last a maximum of 30 minutes including questions. You can refer people to the stand for more information. 
  • The presentation should be organised as follows:
    1. What was the customer's question/problem?
    2. What approach was chosen and how was the question/problem solved?
    3. What was the result and what did it achieve? What lessons were learned?
  • The presentation should be concrete: give as many figures as possible to support the case.
  • Use visuals to clarify aspects of the presentation.
  • The presentation needs to be in our possession by October the 1st 2017. If we did not receive the file by then, we unfortunately are forced to cancel the presentation.
  • If the presentation you deliver does not meet the criteria, we as organisation have the right to cancel the presentation.