Pacoma Systems B.V.

Pacoma Systems B.V.

PACOMA Systems specializes in the design and integration of Material Handling Systems such as sorting units, automatic storage systems and motor driven conveyor belts for boxes, plastic crates and pallets.
Providing total solutions for internal transport issues is our starting point.

Our qualified engineers and technicians offer solutions on various issues related to internal transport, and do not shy away from complex challenges.
In over 25 years we have built up a strong relationship with our customers from various industries and with our suppliers.

Thanks to the close cooperation with PACOMA Europe, specialized in end packaging machines and packaging materials, and through long-term partnerships with our suppliers, we are able to guarantee a constant and good quality.

Our goal
We see it as a challenge to solve the various internal transport and storage issues of customers each time.
It gives us the opportunity to continually improve our innovative capacity and to optimize the right balance between quality and price, supported by the best possible after sales service.
These qualities have been the basis of our success in the past and they will also be the basis for our future.

We can only achieve this thanks to our long-term partnerships with our selected suppliers and support them in optimizing their systems.

Together with PACOMA Europe we are able to provide a total solution for internal transport and the subsequent packaging issues.