Optiprice BV

Optiprice BV

Optiprice is the #1 Dynamic Pricing software for over 250 e-commerce customers. With our algorithm we are able to fully automate 99% percent of all selling price decisions. This while we ensure that you always have a better price than your competitor, but also taking your stock and turnover rate into account. 

Increase your turnover & margin

Optiprice ensures that you always have the right selling price. Our algorithm continuously takes the prices of your competitors into account and increases your sales turnover and sales margin. This leads on average to 8-12% more turnover and margin. 

Increase your Google Shopping return with 28%

Optiprice improves your Google Shopping and other platform sales. This directly leads to lower marketing costs and more sales. 

Automate and spend 90% less time on determining selling prices

Save time by automating inefficient, manual processes. This way you have focus on irregularities and growing all your sales channels.