MySize, Inc. Nasdaq (MYSZ) TASE (MYSZ) is the creator of smartphone measurement technologies with applications in apparel, e-commerce, DIY, and the parcel industry. 

By using the Smartphone sensors (NOT THE CAMERA), now consumers can measure their body online or offline and get a precise size recommendation based on actual body measurements. Measure their home and get only home décor items that fit those measurements, send packages with precise measurements, no more guesswork is needed. 

About MySize Products:

MySizeID is a user-friendly B2B2C measurement solution that can reduce dramatically the returns and increase customer confidence and conversion. The solution is integrated using three main components,

  1. App that records the consumer physical measurements in less than a minute.
  2. Backoffice that collects all the retailers size charts PLM information and consumer details
  3. Widget to be integrated onto every product page that by clicking upon will show the recommended size for the consumer on the specific garment
Once completed the customer’s measurements are saved. The customer only needs to measure once. Each time a customer visits a connected retailers webshop it pairs their SizeID to a retailer's size chart, providing a more personalized and exact shopping experience. Resulting in less returns and higher conversions.
Results and reasons to use our solution
- Reduce size related returns significantly on online bought fashion
- Increase overall conversion. The consumers have more budget if they do not need to buy two sizes of one item, which they can spend on other items. They will also be more sure that what they order will fit which increases buying stimulation. 
- Increase customer satisfaction
- Ease of use. The customer only needs to measure themselves 1 time
- Add to a better environment and being sustainable as a brand by lowering delivery ( CO2) and packaging ( paper waste etc)
- Use the “family” function and measure your kids and spouse to be sure to buy the right size each time. 
MySizeID is an easy plug and play widget. It syncs directly to a retailer’s sizing chart and in turn, shows shoppers items in the exact size, based on their specific measurements.
BoxSize is an intuitive parcel measurement platform that provides real-time logistic data on package volumes and transportation, resulting in improved operational efficiency and reduced operating expenses.
SizeUp is a mobile smart tape measure which allows users to instantly and accurately measure objects by placing their smartphone at one end of the object, lifting and moving it to the other end either vertically or horizontally.

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