Logic4 Commerce Suite is the all-in-one software for medium to large wholesalers, retailers and e-tailers. With Logic4 you’ll be able to manage your B2B/B2C webshop, buying, inventory, product information, CRM, invoicing, accountancy, dashboards and more from one central system.

No more investing in expensive customization

Logic4’s webshop software is the perfect solution for businesses that want to profit from a modern webshop, but do not want to invest tens of thousands euros in updates, customization or even a complete new shop every few years. The powerful engine behind Logic4 webshops is a cloud-based platform that we developed ourselves and continue to improve.

Complete integration of webshop and backoffice

Furthermore, only at Logic4 your webshop is really fully integrated with your business software. The logistics, backoffice and financial features fit seamlessly in the very same system. So you’ll never be bothered by failing connectors and transferring data ever again. That’s how doing business gets fun again!

Logic4 Webshop software in a nutshell:

  • Extensive standard solution for ecommerce
  • Lots of freedom in layout and content
  • Add products, sale items, banners, etc. by yourself
  • Ideal for B2B, B2C or a combination of both
  • Multishop and multi-language possible
  • Hosting, maintenance and updates are included
  • New features are added continuously
  • Decide about new feature development
  • Development, implementation and support from one partner; Logic4
  • Completely integrated with Logic4 business software

Getting curious? Discover more at www.logic4.nl/oplossingen/webshop-software!