FotoProto supports companies with their visual product presentation. We mainly focus on 360 degree product photography. Most of the online retailers do not yet experience the advantages of online 360 degree product presentation. We want to change this.

What is 360 degree product photography?

In principle, 360 degree photography is different in two areas than normal product photography. You need a turntable that rotates and takes a photograph of the product. In addition, you need software that "glues" the 360 ​​degree photos together. We supply all necessary "360" equipment from various brands, including our own brand. The FotoProto turntable forms the basis of our own brand. The Fotoproto turntable is developed personally by the company's owner. With the modular FotoProto system, we can create a turntable for each specific company with one basic unit.

Modular system

The FotoProto base unit is normally supplied with a 50 cm turntable. This standard package can rotate products up to approx. 40 kg of central weight. However, the FotoProto turntables are interchangeable without any major action. So you can easily place a 75cm turntable on it, or a 1,5 meter turntable. If the weight on the platform becomes too heavy, the motor unit can be expanded. In total, a maximum of 5 motors can be placed in the basic unit, which means it can rotate up to about 250 kilograms of central weight.

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