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How will your webshop survive Amazon? Turn your website into a living community and win people’s trust right from the first visit. With FiveDolphins your customers interact with each other and your team, realtime, at every page of your website. Word-of-Mouth works like this.

FiveDolphins is made for the better multi-channel and web retailers, who want to service, fascinate and connect with their customers. A personal connection early on in the purchasing process makes customers return for more and will lead to online and offline word-of-mouth. With the right communication you can persuade customers to visit your local store.

This all requires a special combination of functionality, making FiveDolphins a unique platform. Every individual function will appear familiar to the visitors, but their combination results in a unmatched experience of connection and liveliness: 

  • Connect website visitors: people distrust salespeople and have trust in peers. E-retailers face a dilemma. An experience of passion and craftsmanship early on in the orientation phase stimulates retention. But most people one start an interaction with your team when they are 60% through their purchasing process. FiveDolphins resolves this dilemma by connecting website visitors in an open group chat.
  • No barriers: visitors can participate immediately, without creating an account. Only after you’ve typed your first message or response, you select an avatar provided by the system or one of your social media accounts.
  • Without leaving the page: the FiveDolphins plug-in is active on all of your pages. Visitors don’t need to leave the page to interact with peers. This reduces the chance of abandonment and increases onsite time, which is good for your SEO.
  • Relevance is key: our relevance engine is our pride. It connects website visitors based on the characteristics of:
    • Their current area on your website and their customer journey getting there.
    • Personalization, preferences and website behavior.
    • Their interaction in conversations.
    • Time.
  • Inviting: active and/or successful conversations can be streamed automatically to new visitors, in order to invite them to participate. This makes FiveDolphins suitable for websites with relatively low numbers of visitors. Not a moderator, but FiveDolphins keeps conversations running.
  • Real conversations: FiveDolphins is designed to create real conversations , like people have in small groups. This requires real-time interaction like in a WhatsApp groupchat.
  • Target group fit: each group is different and will have different expectations and manners. To allow you to meet the expectation of your target group, we’ve made the behavioral functions of FiveDolphins 99% Configurable. Again you can use characteristics of the customer journey, personalization, interaction and time in optimize the behavior. We do provide a default working set to start with.
  • Team in an digital spotlight: team members get extra functions to stand out and manage conversations, based on role definitions.
  • Word of Mouth campaign: using FiveDolphins you create word-of-mouth inside and outside your webshop. The unique experience will tempt for offline sharing. Conversations can be shared online using a URL that not only opens the right page, but also the right conversation immediately. One click will bring an interested friend in the middle of the conversation.

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