Feedback Company

Feedback Company

Feedback Company, official Google partner and review expert. Will be present again on the WebWinkelVakdagen 2018 to help you with the collection of social proof.

Social proof? That's right. This is what it's all about in the online word. You want to convince your (potential) customers within a blink of an eye that you are a thrustworthy and a reliable partner to do business with. Online reviews play a big role in this process. Because you can describe how good you think you are, but will others believe it just like that?

We believe they won't. As an independent and therefore transparant organization we, together with you, collect your social proof so you can let others know how well you do business. 

Using our software, you are just a few clicks away from collecting your first reviews, most of the time we can automize the whole process for you. So you can go on doing what you are really good at, and we will take care of the rest.  

Let other customers know what your overall rate is by including your rates and reviews into your Facebook page, or use our API to place a completely customized 'widget' on your website.

Collecting reviews will provide you with an accurate thermometer of your organisation, so you will immediately know it when something goes wrong. This gives you the opportunity to adjust your Customer Journey and online process, and do even better in the future.

Are you already ahead of the competition and up and running when it comes to collecting reviews? Good work! Maybe it is time for you to take a next step in your online performance.
Feedback Company provide different features that can add on to your business performance. For example: add an NPS or CES question and collect product reviews or video reviews. 

Collecting reviews through another Google official partner already, but not that satisfied? You often hear otherwise, but changing to another review partner is super easy! Come and visit our stand so we can tell you what your options are.

Hope to see you there!

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