Efficy CRM / Perfectview

Efficy CRM / Perfectview

Efficy, a CRM pure player

Efficy CRM adapts to your own needs, not the other way around and allows your business to grow structure-wise.

Our CRM is an all-in-one software package:

  • Management of your documents
  • After-sales service management
  • Manage and improve your sales force
  • Management of your marketing campaigns
  • Manage your projects in a collaborative manner
  • Management of your contacts
  • Visualisation and analysis of your data

Efficy has already been chosen by more than 330,000 users and more than 13,500 companies as their CRM solution. Now, like them, join the Efficy community and discover how Efficy CRM helps you make better use of your data and make your business thrive, no matter how deep the data is buried! That's what we call 'Deeper Customer Engagement'?

A few figures

  • 330,000+ daily users
  • 13,500 customers in 60 countries
  • €66M annual turnover
  • Offices in 15 countries