Datatrics B.V.

Datatrics B.V.

We help marketers deliver personalized customer experiences. 
Our AI-powered technology connects data from your marketing stack in a single place and gives relevant insights into each customer's behaviors and preferences. With Datatrics, you can increase conversion by creating personalized messages and product recommendations that connect people with content they love.

Empower your marketing team:

Say goodbye to time-consuming manual tasks to consolidate data
Our technology will clean, connect, and organize your customer data from multiple sources to create unified 360 customer profiles updated in real-time.

Find the way into your customer's heart
With Datatrics, you can find personal information customers shared with you and their interactions with your channels (website, email, chat, etc.). Our algorithm also generates insights about customer type, persuasion triggers, buying phase, the content they might like, and the best time to contact them.

Make customers feel special and enjoy spending time with you.
Once you know your audience, you can map the customer journey and create multiple campaigns to ensure each customer will see the messages and products of their interest on your website, email or ads. Include a specific call to action in particular web pages to give an extra push into conversion and engagement. Predict what could be their next purchase and cross-sell relevant items.

Compare campaigns performance and boost your conversions 
Our reporting feature will provide you with pre-made graphs with insights on the performance of your campaigns and business results to support your team with A/B testing to measure engagement and conversion rates in real-time.

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