CORAX WMS - Logistics Software

CORAX WMS - Logistics Software

CORAX SaaS wms keeps control over your stock

Our customers choose CORAX SaaS wms because it is scalable, user-friendly and web-based. The implementation time is short and it 's easy to connect to other systems. Whether you have a webshop or are active in efulfillment, CORAX guarantees value creation in many types of warehouses and many markets.

CORAX SaaS wms in short

  • Extensive standard package for e-commerce
  • Rich functionality
  • Real-time insight into all warehouse movements
  • Easy to connect
  • Ideal for B2B and B2C
  • Hosting, maintenance and updates are included
  • Constantly new functionality
  • Development, implementation and support in one hand

Davanti, the makers

Davanti strives for satisfied customers and a high service level. Our WMS system CORAX contributes to increasing the service level within your company and ensures a higher degree of customer satisfaction.

You increase your service level towards your customers through control, safety, rapid in- and outbound. Certainly in today's world where a 24/7 operation is a fact and fast and accurate deliveries are even more important. 

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