Sell more on the largest national and international marketplaces via the SaaS platform ChannelEngine. No complicated integration process. No hassle. We link your current e-commerce platform, ERP platform or logistics system to ChannelEngine and you are ready to go. Brands, distributors and retailers can quickly and easily increase their reach and turnover.

With the help of endless filter possibilities and price rules, you can determine which products are sold on which marketplace. For example, you can exclude a certain brand or colour, or only send items within a certain price range. With the repricer functionality, your prices automatically move with the changing prices of competitors, based on your own wishes and settings.


ChannelEngine makes it possible to add new products to any marketplace. Via our content tool your categories are linked to those of the marketplace and product properties can be filled from your own system. Your products are then automatically listed online and you no longer have to work manually or with complicated Excel or CSV files. Your product information is automatically synchronised with a marketplace and is therefore always up-to-date.

If a product is sold via a marketplace, it is automatically forwarded to your own system. Returns can also be automatically collected and processed via ChannelEngine.

If your stock at the fulfillment center of the marketplace in question is exhausted, you can automatically sell on with your own stock. So you never have to sell 'no' to potential customers!

Did you know that you don't even need a webshop to sell online on marketplaces like Amazon and With ChannelEngine, it is possible to automatically send invoices to your customers. This is possible with the correct VAT numbers and in the language the customer speaks. ChannelEngine also has a currency converter that automatically calculates the correct prices and rounds them off to commercial prices.

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