Enabling easy and sustainable delivery of bulky goods by leveraging smart technology

Brenger is an innovative logistics platform that connects consumers and businesses with couriers to transport bulky goods.  We provide easy and affordable delivery by managing the planning and the location of couriers working for Brenger. This enables us to optimise the loading capacity of every van on the road. By doing this, we can create quality transports for our business customers and more earnings for our couriers on every kilometre, all while making transports more sustainable overall (we saved 1.420 tons of C02 emissions so far).

Why Brenger?

Your transport arranged in no time

Save time and get your items picked up and delivered by the best couriers. Where and whenever you need it. Heavy stuff? Choose extra services such as carrying help or lifting to a specific floor.

Our couriers go everywhere

Our platform connects your transport request to the ideal professional courier who is already taking that route. All couriers on our platform are qualified and insured and drive through different German regions.

Courier, customer and the environment win

Our goal is to fill every van on the road as much as possible and therefore enable couriers to earn more while making transports sustainable. It’s a win-win-win!