Bluedesk E-business & Dynamicweb

Bluedesk E-business & Dynamicweb

Converting e-commerce solutions that contribute to digital growth and online success, that's what the e-commerce specialists at Bluedesk take care of. Based on an integrated approach, Bluedesk realizes and optimizes your e-commerce channels. The success of the customers is always central and is the breeding ground for the drive and passion in the realization and optimization of e-commerce solutions. Whether aimed at the business market (B2B) or the consumer market (B2C). Or on both (B2B2C).

The basis of your commerce environment is based on the proven platform of Dynamicweb. Bluedesk knows better than anyone how to organize and integrate this with your ERP, CRM, PIM or financial system, payment providers and logistics solutions. In the more than 24 years that Bluedesk has been active, we have linked many systems and ensured that they can perform optimally as one business chain with the e-Commerce platforms. This way, Bluedesk not only builds good looking, but also a highly efficient e-Commerce platform with Dynamicweb.

From Bluedesk & Dynamicweb: Caas, fully organized e-commerce from start to finish

With Caas you have a completely furnished webshop within two months. We will completely take over everything in the field of technology, marketing, further development & support.

Ordering, payment and delivery has never been easier! For a fixed price per month you get everything you need to achieve online success. With Caas you even have a complete marketing team at your disposal!

All you have to do is make sure your organization is ready.