Standnr: B22


BizzCon makes IT solutions simple and accessible in Retail!

BizzCon wants to help organizations in the Retail sector to achieve their objectives through the correct deployment and support of IT. That is a mission, but perhaps above all a passion. We excel in thinking along and developing customer-oriented solutions. But we have decided to no longer call that 'thinking along' as a handy service. We go on. Our strategy focuses on the customer, at all levels in the organization. We want to be closely involved with customers, know what concerns them and what is going on. That is only possible if you know each other well and there is trust. Then a customer / supplier relationship changes into partnership. Then not only choices and decisions are exchanged, but also ideas and plans.

We want to make ICT a demonstrable profit point for your organization. We don't start by looking for useful applications for an innovative technology. That is the upside-down world. The user is central to our approach. The store employee, the director or the secretary. IT only has added value if you experience it as a user.

In addition, we continuously strive for 100% availability of our customers' services.

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