Bandall Benelux B.V.

Bandall Benelux B.V.

Banding in E-Commerce

Tamper evident closure of boxes, packs and mailing parcels

The importance of tamper evident packaging and branding is also clearly increasing.  As are cost savings and waste reduction.  In all of these needs Bandall banding technology can play a role. Click here for a film about fully automatic banding of differerent sized boxes. 

Branding by Banding and Tamper evident Packaging

One important function is as a carrier of information.  

Being available in a wide range of band widths (from 28 mm to 125 mm), there is ample print area for branding and vital information.  For example, bar codes can be printed onto the band at the time of banding presenting an opportunity for traceability.  Banding is available in a vast choice of qualities and thicknesses.


Tamper evident packaging by crossed banding