The e-commerce connector to Exact software

Connect Exact with Magento, Shopware, Prestashop & WooCommerce! In addition to standard solutions such as the Webshop Connector or the Afletter Module, we also offer customized solutions so you can fully focus on your successful online business.

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Process e-commerce processes quickly and easily

The world of an online entrepreneur never stands still; innovations follow up, at a rapid pace. You get to deal with different processes; how do I process the orders and the returns, how do I proceed smoothly, do I store products in my own warehouse or do I work with dropshipment partners? The answer to these questions is; software. Software is always the starting point of running your e-commerce processes smoothly. Look at your ERP software as the single source of truth from which you operate; all data are included and everyone works with the same up-to-date information. Your physical store or webshop are only sales channels.

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Advisie: platinum partner of Exact

Advisie has been serving customers in selected industries for 37 years, including wholesale and e-commerce; our added value comes from knowledge of your business.
Our organization supports you in obtaining and maintaining a commercial and organizational lead that allows you to strengthen your distinctive character.
In order to be able to meet customer demand and optimally serve you, Advisie has its own specialists with a network of strategically chosen professionals and partners.

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