The rapid changes in consumer behaviour and technology and the advance of online marketplaces abroad demand good preparation by retailers. And that is precisely why ShoppingTomorrow (formerly Shopping2020) was set up.

ShoppingTomorrow is the research platform which provides the answer to the question: how will consumers shop in the future and what actions should be taken at national, industry and company levels so that retailers can continue to respond successfully to all developments at home and abroad? Over 450 experts from the retail industry are members of the platform. They combine their knowledge and experience to be well prepared to meet the demands of the future.

ShoppingTomorrow and the Webwinkel Vakdagen

The current cycle of ShoppingTomorrow got under way in May 2015. Each of the 20 expert groups set to work on a different theme and issue. The themes range from cross-border (e-)commerce to performance advertising and omnichannel architecture. Throughout the year, they published their findings in a Blue Paper. The various groups will present their research results by theme during the Webwinkel Vakdagen and the Blue Paper will also be presented.


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