Construction and dismantlement times

Construction, exhibition and dismantlement times

Below is an overview of the planning and deadlines surrounding the event. We differentiate two categories:

  • Exhibitors constructing own stands. In this case only the raw floor space has been booked and an own stand is constructed. (1)
  • Exhibitors using standard stand construction. (2)





 Construction Own Stands (1)




 Stand decorating standard stand
 construction (2)




 Exhibition floor open to exhibitors*




 Opening hours




 Exhibitor drink


 starts 17.00 


 Dismantlement (1 & 2)



External traffic needs to enter P2 first to get admission to P1


 starts 18.00

*On Wednesday 18th January only the main entrance will be open, so you can only carry small goods inside. All transport doors will be closed.

Dismantling occurs immediately upon closing of the second fair day, that is, immediately from 5 p.m. on Thursday 19 January until 12 p.m. At 12 p.m., Hall 1 have to be completely empty.  Please be aware: All traffic for the dismantlement can only enter P1 one hour after the exhibition is closed, for more information look after 'Loading & Unloading'

It is of utmost importance that you inform your constructor of this.

All the materials that are still present in Hall 1 on Thursday night at 12 p.m., will be removed or demolished by the cleaning department of the Jaarbeurs. Any resulting costs will be charged to you. 

In case you have any large and/or heavy materials, please inform us of this on time and no later than the 2nd of December 2016 so that we can optimise the planning.

Unanounced heavy/large materials cannot be placed.

Important: every stand constructor with an own stand construction, is obliged to start building no later than Monday 16th January at 10:00 h. This concerns the overall planning.

Contact person: Anne-Maartje Boeijenga / Nadine van Gilst

Loading & Unloading

During the construction days you and your supplier/stand constructor can report at P1 (Route 300). Here you can load and unload during a limited period of time. 

at Hall 1:

Passenger cars and vans, max. 60 minutes.
Trucks (small), max. 90 minutes
Trucks (large, with trailer) max. 120 minutes

After the designated time, you will pay for a full day of parking and the ticket will have to be bought at one of the paymachines at the parking (only card payment). You can also order parking tickets up front through Expopoint.

It is not allowed to leave trucks or disconnected trailers at the parking. These will be removed and the costs involved in this will be charged to the owner of the vehicle. Trucks can be parked in the following locations during the exhibition:
• De Vlampijpstraat, Tractieweg and Gietijzerstraat on the Cartesiusweg
• Industrial area Lage Weide
• Industrial area Kanaleneiland-Zuid

Here you can find the Route card. The route number is the number on the road signs you need to follow in order to get to the loading and unloading zone. Don't forget to fill in the mobile phone number of the driver on the route card. This needs to be placed visibly in the windscreen of your vehicle. 

During the loading and unloading, the instructions of organisation and parking attendants will have to be followed at all times.


Are you an exhibitor, are you manning your own stand and are you using your vehicle for disassembly as well? In that case, you can park your vehicle at P1 in the morning and buy a ticket at the parking terminal.

Stand builders/suppliers/trucks
All construction traffic must register at P2 first. This is possible as of 4 PM and this procedure applies the entire evening. Immediately after the exhibition, first passenger cars and vans are allowed near the halls. As soon as the large transport gates are open (1 hour after the end of the trade show) freight traffic will be directed to the halls from P2 in a regulated manner. 

Parking or waiting on public roads until you have access to the premises is not allowed. Public roads must always remain clear.

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